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Poketoon (2020)

You are watching Episode : 8/8
Anime Status : Ongoing
Anime Plot : Short episodes released on the Pokemon Kids TV Youtube Channel Episodes: #1: Zuruggu to Mimikkyu (ズルッグとミミッキュ), released June 4, 2020. #2: Hero ni Naritai Yancham (ヒーローになりたいヤンチャム), released May 5, 2021. #3: Yume no Tsubomi (ユメノツボミ), released June 4, 2021. #4: Mattete ne! Koiking (まっててね!コイキング), released July 2, 2021. #5: Poka Poka Magumaggu House (ぽかぽかマグマッグハウス), released August 5, 2021. #6: Gengar ni Nacchatta!? (ゲンガーになっちゃった!?) release date unknown. (TBA)

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